Every man should feel confident about the way they look.

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Our philosophy

We give men the tools to make their skin look its best. Our simple routines and clear explanations make understanding and dealing with problems effortless. We provide effective solutions for both concealing and treating skin problems.

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Our vision

We are for the man that wants to feel good about how he looks, turn a weakness into a strength and live his best life as a result. We believe in more than just looking presentable, we encourage men to take action and embrace a new level of personal care.

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Our mission


We are for every man. We strive to build a brotherhood where men feel they can talk freely about their skin concerns and learn from one another.


We celebrate all types of masculinity and encourage men to explore their own.


We strengthen men’s skin and in doing so strengthen their confidence, positively impacting on how they feel and behave in life.


We speak to men in a language they understand. We help them define their skin type and identify skin concerns, then explain how to both conceal and treat them.


We give men the confidence to explore male grooming and care without stigma or shame.


We care for all men, those that are new to skincare through to those that know exactly what they want.


We are there for men in all scenarios where skin confidence would impact positively on their lives, from job interviews to first dates.

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Our SKINCARE commitments

Cruelty free
Not tested on animals
Contains no animal ingredients
Micro-plastic free
Micro-Plastics do not dissolve and end up in the ocean
Non comedogenic
Our products do not clog pores leading to blackheads and pimples
Paraben free
Parabens are preservatives that often cause allergic reactions
No silicones
Silicone can clog pores, causing pimples
No sulphates
Sulfates are chemical cleansers that dry out the skin
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