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Re.solve gives men the skincare to make their skin look its best.

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Re.solve skincare for men active ingredients

Aloe leaf extract
Plant extract with soothing and anti-oxidizing properties
Blocks both UV-A and UV-B rays protects your skin from the sun
Opuntia Ficus-Indica
Excellent moisturising properties and soothes irritated skin
Coffee Arabica
Rich in antioxidants, a good exfoliator, resulting in radiant skin
Carbon black powder
Absorbs dirt, prevents impurities and deeply cleanse the skin
Citrus lemon water
Lightens discolourations on the skin, such as sunspots
Citric acid
For oily skin, from the rare Alpine plant Epilobium Fleischeri
Vitamin E
Has an anti-oxidizing effect and protects the skin from aging

Charcoal cleanser

Naturally purifies skin, removed daily oil & dirt build up

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Exfoliating scrub

Deep cleansing removes excess oil

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Anti-shine moisturiser

Mattifying hydration for oily skin

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Eye serum

Brightens and tightens

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Pro-aging moisturiser

Firm & lift anti-wrinkle 

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Hydrating moisturiser

Restores, soothes and protects 

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Protecting spray

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Quick fixes: the Re.solve SKINWEAR range

We are for the man that wants to feel good about how he looks, turn a weakness into a strength and live his best life as a result. We believe in more that just looking presentable, we encourage men to take action and embrace a new level of personal skincare.


Spot eraser

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Tinted moisturiser

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Bronzer stick

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Retouch pen

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